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The renewed MD V3 Tonic & Essence is highly infused with active peptides.


It contains the maximum content proportion of effective peptides, which is manufactured from a US raw material company, with the effect of length and thickness of eyelash proven by an American experiment institute, and is strengthened with the 32 natural extracts. By supplying the nourishment to the root, it enriches the eyelash.  It is suitable for applying to the eyebrow as well as eyelash for both men and women.


Eyelash Tonic (5ml)

It contains the maximum amount of effective peptide certified by a US experiment institute, as well as Sophora Root, Pepper, Angelica Root, Wilfordi Root, Lithospermum, Matrimony Vine, Mulberry Root, Pine Needles, Raspberry, Green Tea, and 32 natural extracts patented as natural protector (patent no. 10-0910747), which enriches eyelashes and hair roots.  It is recommended for both men and women who want their hair look richer, and you may apply this product in-and-outside of eyelashes.  It is highly concentrated eyelash intensifier that causes little irritation, and is very quick to absorb in the skin, keeping both hair root and eyelashes healthy.


Eyelash Essence (5ml)

It keeps eyelashes long, enriched, neat and natural.  It is a mascara-type volume intensifier essence containing high-quality ingredients such as Copper Peptide, Pentapeptide-17, Panthenol, Biotin, Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and etc. which turn thin and weak eyelashes glossier and more enriched.  The thin layers formed between eyelashes do not get too hard but present a natural and clear eye shape not easily affected by sweat or sebum that might smudge your make-up and doesn’t irritate your sensitive eyelashes.

MD Peptide Eyelash Regrowth & Strengthen Serum (2 × 5ml)

SKU: LT2001
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