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Enriched with 14 effective natural and herbal ingredients, applying Lashtree Tonic & Essence ensures that eyelashes receive the nourishment it needs with minimal irritation to the eyes and eyelashes.


Suggested Usage


Eyelash tonic (5ml): Apply along the lash line in the morning and at night


Eyelash essence (5ml): Apply in the morning and at night by combing the root of the eyelashes


Just like all the hair on your body, eyelashes have phases in their growth cycle. The growth phase is when the eyelashes are actively growing. Active ingredients infused in Lashtree Tonic & Essence act directly on the eyelash growth cycle during this phase to promote the growth of eyelashes. This ensures healthy and stronger eyelashes and applying it consistently ensures that the eyelashes can stay that way.


Applying this nutrientrich Eyelash Tonic from the tip of the eyelashes to its roots helps to maintain healthier eyelashes with plenty of glow.   Regular use of mascara may cause eyelashes to be more stiff and prone to breakage. However, this can be combated by applying Lashtree Essence which keeps eyelashes hydrated, supple and strong. Plus, it is absorbed rapidly after being applied.


No more thin and weak eyelashes with Lash Tree Tonic & Essence because by moisturising and nourishing eyelashes, it keeps eyelashes fullerlooking and rich with shine.


List of 14 natural ingredients :

Green tea extract, Bamboo extract, Boragee extract, Tangerine peel extract, Mushroom, Crown extract, Herbal extract, Perennial herb extract, Hwanggi extract, Doen extract, Pear tree, Leaf Puerariae extract, Gingko leaf extract, Culu root extract



LashTree Eyelash Tonic & Essence

SKU: LT2002