The advanced technology to lash lift system contains hypo-allergenic perming solution which perms and keeps hair healthy without any damage. Treatment solution is packed in sachet which reduce risk of contamination.  Each kit can perm up to 20 sets of lashes.


Included in the kit:

  • Perming solution [0.8g*10ea]
  • Neutralizer [0.8g*10ea]
  • Guide [6set]
  • Coating Essence [5g]
  • Disposable Brush [10ea]
  • Eye Patch (mixed) [0.8g*10ea]
  • Perm Glue [5g]
  • Perm Spatula [1ea]
  • Disposable Swab [20ea]


Product of Korea

*Available for professional beauty salon only.

Lash:Up Eyelash Perm Kit

SKU: LT2006