[ 40g per sheet, 10 sheet per box ]


Dr. Innoderm Post Laser Cooling Ampoule Mask is made of natural bio-cellulous materials, and with its delicate 3D reticular mask pack, it prevents the evaporation of essence and raises the skin absorption rate.


Immediately cools down the skin with active ingredients of cucumber and aloe vera extracts. It also contains highly enriched plant extracts and peptides which has excellent moisturizing and cooling effect as well as increasing the glow and elasticity of the skin.


This product contains more essence than normal masks, it's recommended for client to use excess amouple to reapply as serum during usual skin care regime.


How to use:

After cleansing, prepare the skin with toner/lotion. Before opening, rub with both hands to spread the mask liquid well.


Remove the adhesive part on one side of the mask and stick the side to the face. Remove the adhesive part on the other side and leave on for about 20~30 minutes. Lightly pat the remaining content on the skin for absorption.


It contains more ampoule than general products, so it is good to apply the remaining liquid to the required area. It is advised to keep remaining ampoule in fridge and use as serum for the next 2-3 days.


Note: The protective sheet attached on the front and back of the mask is very thin, kindly remove before use.

Dr. Innoderm Post Laser Cooling Ampoule Mask Pack [10 sheets]

SKU: DR7001