Digital Revo needle is specially designed by Bomtech. It gives the needle power equally so that ink injection is consistent and precise as well as a special knot feature to control the ink flow. 


Bomtech Revo Digital Needle

Type*: 1R, 3R, 5R, 7R, 4F, 6F

Compatible machine: Bom I-Touch-R, Bom Digital-Pop Deluxe

*R (Round), F (Flat)


  • Digital Revo "1R" needles comes in 0.18/0.3/0.4 thicknesses
  • Digital Revo "3R" needles comes in 0.18/0.25 thicknesses
  • EO gas sterilized needle, sealed and packed individually
  • Disposable cartridge


[ 15pcs in 1box ]

Digital Revo Needle (15pcs) Permanent Makeup Machine Cartridge

SKU: RV1008