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  • 1 - 15 speed level adjustment
  • Embedded pigment cup - Pigment cup is embedded in the main body for convenience.
  • Auto pause cradle - Diamant has auto pause function, by laying hand piece on the cradle, it will stop  operating while it is on the cradle. 
  • Stainproof main body - Main body is made of stainproof material. Stain and pigment on the main body can be easily washed off.
  • Digital machine with touch button - Turning on/off, and changing speed is much easier with touch button on the main body. 
  • LED indicator - LED display can be easily checked in the center of main body, and color of it will change according to the speed of machine.
  • Unique technology of Seonyun Tech - Low vibration and low noise are implemented by unique  technology of Seonyun Tech.
  • Diamant is credible machine that acquired KF, FCC, and CE certifications

Diamant Smart Digital /Semi-Permanent make-up

SKU: BT8802
  • 6 months warranty of manufacturing defects.