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Ultra Magic Solution is a harmless pigment intensifier which contains 12 natural herbal ingredients and mineral.


Since there's no chemical ingredients such as parabens, oil, ethanol, benzophenone, glycerin, and etc. are included, it excels in skin absorption without discoloration.


This harmless-to-skin solution boosts coloration of pigments, soothes and recovers the treatment area. It also reduces skin peeling caused by needling in different depths and post-treatment skin care.


After treatment:

It repairs the skin by soothing the treatment area and activating capillaries. Applying it more than twice a day for 2-3 days, according to the depth and area of treatment, may prevent or reduce scabs, which in turn lessen dead skin cells.


On treatment (1):

Put a needed amount of pigment into a cup, and add Ultra Magic Solution to reach the viscosity desired.


On treatment (2):

Pior to applying repair cream after treatment, let a cotton bud absorb Ultra Magic Solution and spread it over the treatment area. Next, cleanse it to the extent the skin retains a little moisture, then apply repair cream.


[ 15ml ]

Ultra Magic Solution [15ml]

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